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Value Vet

Value Vet Pricing List

Last Updated: January 1, 2024

Wellness Exam ($30.00)

As pets age from puppy and kitten hood into adult hood and older, the most important way to maintain your pet’s health is an annual Wellness Exam (often done along with vaccines, fecal testing for parasites, and heartworm testing for dogs).

Our doctors perform a complete 12 point physical exam to make sure all body systems are normal (Well) and then to address any abnormalities. This annual exam is also necessary for our doctors to legally be able to prescribe any medications your pet needs. Now we have a medical baseline and your pet is now a Current Wellness Patient at Value Vet, which qualifies your pet for a lower sick exam price!

Examinations ($49.00 - $74.00)

When your pet is not well (injury, ear/skin/eye problems, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.), coming to our doctors for an examination is crucial to determine what medical treatments, testing, and medications may help.

The Examination fee for Current Wellness Patients is $49.00 (see Wellness Exam above). The Examination fee for patients without a current Wellness Exam done here at Value Vet is $74.00.

Medical Progress Exam ($33.00)

After your pet has been here for an Examination for a specific medical problem, sometimes the doctor needs to see your pet a few days to a few weeks later to assess how the course of treatment is going and to make adjustments when necessary.

Veterinary Consult ($35.00)

When you have a detailed question to discuss with one of our doctors and do not need to bring your pet for an exam.

Wellness Exam$30.00
Current Wellness Patient Sick Pet Exam$49.00
Examination Sick Pet$74.00
Medical Progress Exam$35.00
Veterinarian Consultation$37.00
Canine Surgery
Neuter < 50 lb$233.00
Neuter 50 - 90 lb$243.00
Neuter > 90 lb$278.00
Spay < 50 lb$243.00
Spay 50 - 90 lb$317.00
Spay > 90$367.00
Additional for in heat or obese$47.00
Teeth Cleaning Only - No Extractions$240.00
Feline Surgery
Teeth Cleaning Only - No Extractions$240.00
Canine Vaccinations
Wellness Exam$30.00
Feline Vaccinations
Wellness Exam$30.00
Distemper Combo$30.00
Common Services
Nail Trim$23.00 - 33.00
Anal Gland Expression$24.00
Microchip & Registration$46.99
Deworming (for puppies and kittens)$25.00
Euthanasia (additional exam fees may apply)$94.00
CremationCall for pricing
Memorial Paw Print$40.00
Laboratory Services
Full Metabolic Blood Panel (Chem 18 + T4)$111.00
Basic Metabolic Blood Panel (Chem 11)$82.00
Complete Blood Count (CBC)$53.00
Ultrasound Abdominal$314.00

Hours of Operation

Sick and Urgent Care Hours

Monday-Friday 7 am – 11 am


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 1 pm – 5 pm

Closed Wednesday afternoons and Weekends

General Wellness/Vaccine/ Nail Trim, etc. Hours

Monday-Friday 7 am – Noon


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 1 pm – 6 pm

Friday 1 pm – 5 pm

Closed Wednesday afternoons and Weekends

Please note: If you have a sick pet and are here between 11 am – Noon or 5 pm – 6 pm, you can still come in so we can evaluate the situation with you and discuss options to get your pet care.