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Pet Medical Insurance

Understanding How it Works

Go to to learn why it’s important for your family and how pet medical insurance works. Then there’s a lot of great unbiased information about what to look for in a good policy and good company.

The right pet medical insurance policy gives you peace of mind.

  • It helps cushion the blow of an unexpected, unpredictable, almost inevitable, and often expensive pet medical event.

  • You can also choose a policy to help with important predictable expenses like regular preventive check-ups, vaccines, and testing.

Pet medical insurance works differently than human medical insurance.

  • You can use any licensed veterinarian in the United States.

  • You still need to pay the veterinary practice in full at the time of service.

  • Then you submit a claim to the insurance company.

  • Your policy determines how much you are reimbursed.

“Not All Insurance Plans are Created Equal.” Learn the differences to put the odds in your favor and make an informed decision for your family.

Choosing the Right Fit

Check out 3 companies that we’ve researched to get started on the path.

  • We’ve spent over 4 hours using our experience to review the 10+ approved pet medical insurance companies in the State of Iowa. You may not have the time or the confidence to do that yourself.

  • All three have simple maximum payouts (2 are unlimited!).

  • All three meet 5 important points of coverage.

  • All three have clearly worded (for insurance!) sample policies on their websites and 30-day money-back guarantees.

  • All three are financially strong, have A ratings from the BBB, and have good reviews.

Value Vet has no interest or paid affiliation with any pet medical insurance company. We do believe that buying a good pet medical insurance policy is an important financial tool to consider for your family.